Improved analyzer support for generics?

Are there any plans for adding analyzer support of generic type arguments and constraints in the Reflector roadmap? At present, the "used by", "exposed by", and "instantiated by" analyzers will locate types and members based on generic type definition, but the results do not include uses of the focal type as a generic type argument or a generic type constraint.

This has been a non-trivial gap in Reflector functionality for quite some time, and it has become increasingly problematic since async started becoming more prevalent (and everything started being wrapped in a Task<>). For example, if I'm looking for uses or exposure of a type Foo, I won't be able to find IEnumerable<Foo> or Task<Foo> uses under the current analyzer implementations.



  • MattCMattC Posts: 1 New member
    +1 from me on this. I'm finding Reflector less useful because of it's inability to decompile code in a readable and debuggable fashion. I thought maybe I need the latest v10 but it shows no improvement from 9.3. See this code from Microsoft.


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