Filtering Triggers in SQL Source Control

Hi There,

I'm using SQL Source Control 6 and have some tables in my databases that have some development specific triggers.

Now I want to exclude these triggers from source control using but are unable to do so. I've tried matching the name of the trigger in the "All Objects" section and tried to do the same in the "Table" section but both are not filtering the trigger.

There is also no specific section for Triggers, aside from DDL Trigger, which is also not working.

What am I missing?


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  • Mike UMike U Posts: 315 Gold 1
    I'm afraid we don't have support for filtering sub-objects of other objects by name (and DML triggers are considered to be sub-objects of the tables they are applied to).

    The best we can currently do is ignore all DML trigger differences if you turn on the 'Ignore DML triggers' comparison option (Setup->Comparison options)
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  • TimVerversTimVervers Posts: 13 New member
    Hi Mike,

    For now ignoring all triggers is an option for me. Is there something on the roadmap to exclude these seperatly?

  • There's nothing specifically on the roadmap at the moment.

    Can I ask for a bit more detail about why you want to ignore specific DML triggers in source control? What are the triggers doing, and why are they development specific? Understanding the use case would help us with making future backlog decisions.
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