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Data Compare performance

I am trying to use Data Compare to compare 2,400 tables between 2 databases. About half the tables have no PK because they are used as bulk load. I am therefore having to set comparison keys myself.

1. Could you have an option to "auto add" a comparison key of all comparable columns (which is what I am doing manually
2. More important, after every table where I have checked said columns the Tables & Views tab/screen takes a VERY long time to refresh. So that's a lot of time wasted for my 1,000+ columns I am waiting on the tool refreshing (for an unknown reason). I have "Always include newly added tables" unchecked, so its not that. Could you look to improve the performance in this area please?

This is a one off but might help others




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    RichardLRichardL Posts: 417 Gold 4
    Hi @wonderbison

    Thanks for your post and apologies for the delay in reply. 

    This was given to product development and analysed but it was concluded that it will not be worked on in the near future so we wanted to let you know that. 

    Kind regards

    Richard Lynch. 
    Customer Support
    Redgate Software
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