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What is the best way to kick off a Documentation from within VSTS?
Currently using DLM Automation 2.0.


  • Here is what we do:
    Goal: Have HTML documentation for a server posted to a shared folder that gets updated after each Release of a DB that resides on that server.

    1. Set up the shared folder.
    2. Use SQL Doc to create a project and Generate Documentation to publish to the shared folder. We chose to use HTML format with frames and uncheck the "Append time stamp" so the folder names don't change on each publish.
    3. Save the .SqlDoc project to the shared folder.
    4. In VSTS Release Pipeline for each DB - Add a new "Empty Process" Environment after the Release Environment.
    5. Set up the Doc environment to run on same Agent as your Release environments.
    6. Add a "Command Line" task.
    7. Tool = path for your SqlDoc executable. i.e. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Gate\SQL Doc 4\SQLDoc.exe"
    8. Arguments = Path to .SqlDoc file in shared folder following /Project: i.e. /Project:"\\Server\Folders\sqldata2_Doc.sqldoc"

    If there's a better way we'd like to know about it. :)
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