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How to fix query based on process id?

From alerts dash-board

Process ID: 57
Process name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Database: master
Host: stadb2
Process login time: 1 Feb 2018 00:13
Query start time: 1 Feb 2018 00:13
Query duration: 7214 sec

How can I find process id? Want to find out which query is long running. ....


  • johnyarhamjohnyarham Posts: 3 New member
    Can you clarify what exactly you are looking for - for example are you looking to identify the SPID (57) and its associated query text in SSMS directly?

    On the SQL Monitor alert detail page for the above alert you should see a section called 'SQL Process Fragment' just below the information you posted. This reports the query responsible for triggering the alert. Is this what you are trying to find?
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