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A collection of unorganised thoughts on SQL Dependency Tracker

Hi Redgate,

This is a random brain dump from my experience with Dependency Tracker; I decided it wasn't coherent enough for user voice and just wanted to record it all whilst it was fresh in my mind.

1. One of the best use cases is to "Find potential orphans with no dependencies on other objects, to help clean up a database". It would be good to have this as a right-click option in SSMS.

2. Following on from the above, would it be possible to use DMVs to see information about the object such as last execution date/time for Stored Procedures. i.e. If it hasn't been executed for 2 years we can drop it. Empty tables would be another simple but useful one.

3. Warnings on database permissions (especially on cross database links). I saw a link saying the permissions required are the same as SQL compare and should be dbowner. This would be good if it was embedded into the application as a warning. Sometimes I am sceptical as to the objects it has returned but never know if permissions could be the cause.

4. "Unable to resolve object", "Ensure the SQL is correct", "Unknown Database" - These warnings appear in the bottom left hand corner of Sql Dependency Tracker for various reasons including linked servers and invalid definitions. It would be good if these object would still appear on the diagram but maybe be highlighted so it is clear that there is an issue.

5. Uses vs. Used by - I would expect by default that both appear when you right click on object in SSMS and view dependencies - I think this option or switch could be clearer in the interface

6. As a data lineage tool - it would be really good to have a 'data-lineage mode' whereby you click on an object and it becomes the centre of the diagram, displaying objects that it uses and is used by. you can then click on one of the connected objects which in turn becomes the central focus and dependent objects hang off it. it would be a way that would enable you just to click through the spaghetti... breadcrumbs would be really good as well so you can trace your way back

Every company I work seems to have fairly messy environments. I don't find the native 'View dependencies' in SSMS to be reliable either tbh. I feel dependency tracker is nearly there, it definitely adds a lot of value but at the moment I don't quite trust it (or am just a bit confused) and find myself checking and validating what I find.



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    Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,788 Rose Gold 5
    Hi Ben

    Sorry for the extremely late reply.

    Thank you for taking the time to generate your forum post.

    We have taken the points and observations from your experiences of using SQL Dependency Tracker and created enhancement requests in our Bug Tracking system.

    Hopefully these will filter through and appear has new features in a future of SQL Dependency Tracker.

    Many Thanks

    Eddie Davis
    Senior Product Support Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd
    Email: support@red-gate.com
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