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SQL Database run slow or Timeout Expire Message

Good day,

Since installing the Trial version of your product I noticed that every day between 7 and 8 in the morning, my database executes several SQL statements including: INSERT INTO #DatabaseNameToIdMapping ... "and" INSERT INTO #CurrentDatabaseObjects .... "and during these (probably the execution of other sentences) are running, certain applications of my company begin to report problems of" Timeout Expire .... " or running slowly.

Maybe it is not linked to your product, but if it seems relevant that the cases started to be reported after using your product and just when the sentences mentioned above are being executed.

Products that we are testing:
SQL Test. v2.0.5.300
SQL Search v.
SQL DOC 4 v4.0.7.1176
SQL Source Control v. (our interest)
SQL Data Generator 4 v.

Number of people making use of their products: 11

Linked database: 1
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