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Sql Monitor 7.1.14 Under Databases section - Backups shows "No backups"

alexsdbaalexsdba Posts: 3 New member
edited January 31, 2018 8:26PM in SQL Monitor
I have SQL Monitor 7.1 and when i view databases i always see under Backups it shows "No Backups"
Always On is setup and backups are done on primary and I use Ola's scripts.

anyone else see this?


  • Hi, we have an update on this. The information was showing if backups had occurred during the selected window, rather than if any backups existed at all. However we recognise that 'No backups' could be misleading (and alarming!) so we have redesigned the information to show the time period it refers to, and also show when the last backup occurred prior to that. This can be seen in the latest version (8.0.25) - we hope this solves the issue you reported.

    SQL Monitor Development Team
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