Is there a way to hide the encryption password on the sql backup job?

We created backup jobs for the database and transaction logs and enabled the encryption with a password. Unfortunately when we view the job under the SQLServerAgent/Jobs the encryption password is set in plain text in the job for anybody to view. Is there a way to hide the password?


  • crimdoncrimdon Posts: 54 Bronze 3
    I use the GUI to create jobs with a password and it always put this in the options:

  • Actually I do see that in most of the backup jobs. However, we have a Log Shipping job that I created using the SQLBackup GUI and the first step that backs up the transaction log has the Obfuscated Password but the Restore step has the password embedded in it in plain text.
  • crimdoncrimdon Posts: 54 Bronze 3
    I see that too. Maybe try adding the Obfuscated Password from the backup job?
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