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WHY is ReportServerTempDB the subject of IRRELEVANT Alerts? Ditto tempdb?

Why is ReportServerTempDB ever shown as "Backup Overdue"? According to MS it's SSRS's equivalent of tempdb, and is re-created each time SSRS fires up.

Surely it can be excluded from ANY and all of the following:
  • Integrity Check Overdue - tempdb too
  • Backup Overdue - tempdb too
  • Fragmented Indexes
I've had to go down 21 instances and turn off a whole load of JUNK "Integrity Check Overdue" configurations. Now I have to do the same for all those Backup Overdue FALSE POSITIVE Alerts.

You have no idea how annoying it is to see pages and pages of RED, unnecessary Alerts, and then be unable to pick the Alert, THEN the instances/databases, and turn them off - navigating "All", then "By Group", expand named server, select instance (local), then see what's up, when I should never see any configuration for tempdb and SSRS_temp, as above, is unnecessarily tedious in 2018... Shutting them up has to be done at the DATABASE level! Royal pain in the posterior.

Please fix this.

And, "why doesn't the Alert page work like most other web page grids, where I can use the down-arrow and space-bar to select gobs of items that I want to clear?" Chrome just "wobbles the page" somewhere other than where my first selected item resides. Having to mouse-click 50+ Alerts is dumb - space-bar and down-arrow PLEASE!!!
Jesus Christ: Lunatic, liar or Lord?
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  • Thanks for your comment, it's an interesting point. We haven't excluded reportservertempdb because it seems it can have its uses:
    The only reason to backup the reportservertempdb is to avoid having to recreate it if there is a hardware failure. In the event of hardware failure, it is not necessary to recover the data in reportservertempdb, but you do need the table structure. If you lose reportservertempdb, the only way to get it back is to recreate the report server database.

    However, we'll give this some consideration to see if it still makes sense, and meanwhile if you raise this as a suggestion on Uservoice it may get additional support.

    Regarding the configuration of alerts, we agree this could definitely be improved and we intend to address this later in the year. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

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