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Can we continue to use the SQL Compare API

My company has 5 SQL Compare licenses and the product is critical to our business. We also have written a couple of crucial apps that use the SQL Compare API. We have paid for some distribution licenses to distribute those apps to our customers. I have heard that the SQL Compare API is no longer going to be supported, but would be still be able to use it going forward? I assume that all of the DLLs will still be present in the SQL Compare product. It is going to cost us quite a bit of time and effort to replace these apps so I'm trying to make sure there is no option to keep them going forward be we start working on the replacements.


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    We currently have no plans to stop shipping those DLLs, although we do make API changes from time to time and there won't be a list of breaking changes. Using the DLLs is a stopgap, and we suggest that you come up with a plan to move to another technology in the future, such as DLM Automation.
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