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ReadyRoll Core /Teamcity MsBuild /Octopus

LinzJLinzJ Posts: 2 New member
I am trying out a readyroll core project and would like to build using teamcity and deploy with octopus. It is building fine on Teamcity using MSBuild but always generate the package with version and doesn't push to octopus. Could anyone think of a reason for this. Any help is much appreciated.

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    AlexYatesAlexYates Posts: 264 Rose Gold 2
    edited January 29, 2018 12:30PM Answer ✓
    Add the following to your MS Build Arguments:


    Where 1.1. is entirely optional and customizable.

    Of course, this assumes that your default build numbers (and anything you choose to prefix/suffix your build number with) will fit the requirements for NuGet package version numbers:



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