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A bug in RR template for VSTS?

AllaireAllaire Posts: 20 Bronze 1
I recently faced an issue that seems like a bug, related to RR template in VSTS. It turned out that the build procedure in VSTS ceased working. The reason surprised me, as I didn’t expect to find a bug in VSTS. I heavily use environment variables and to hide a password I normally check “Change variable type to secret” checkbox (see a screenshot below):
So, RR passwords (shadow and target) are not an exception, but after checking this checkbox the build procedure start failing with the following message: “##[error] (0,0): Error : An error occurred while attempting to verify your deployment scripts: Login failed for user ‘db_user’”. After I deselect this checkbox and re-enter the password, everything back to normal. Please notice that the “TargetPassword” variable works perfectly with ‘secret’ passwords.


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