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ReadyRoll build in VSTS doesn't always produce .ps1 for Azure

Nick_HNick_H Posts: 2 New member
I'm using ReadyRoll build in VSTS by following https://documentation.red-gate.com/rr1/continuous-integration/create-vsts-tfs-build

I have two projects, configured almost identically, the only thing different is the value for 'Target Azure SQL Database name' in the 'Set Target Database' task of the build. However, one build worked in Release Manager, the other did not. On inspecting the generated .ps1 files in both build artifacts I find the successful version has the line
$__isAzurePlatformTarget = 'True'

Where the one that fails is the opposite
$__isAzurePlatformTarget = 'False'

Both build definitions specify Azure SQL Database in the 'Set Target Database' task, but for some reason, the build generates different defaults in the .ps1 file.

How can I force the build to set the __isAzurePlatformTarget to True as part of the build? Or can I override this value during deployment?

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    Nick_HNick_H Posts: 2 New member
    This was my mistake, but recording the error in case anyone else is having the same issue.

    When I was setting up the project in Visual Studio, I hadn't set the Target Platform, in the Project Settings to MS Azure. Once I'd done that and committed the change, it ran through the build and release pipeline with no problems.
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