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What's the difference between SQL Data Generator and Data Masker?

Redgate currently offers both of these products however Data Masker is not included in SQL Toolbelt. What are the use cases for each? Can SQL Data Generator be used for masking data?

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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    SQL Data Generator can be used for masking data, but the workflow is somewhat cumbersome - particularly if you have a large SQL Server estate. Having attempted to find various ways to add the feature to SQL Data Generator, we decided that an entirely different product and approach would work better, hence Data Masker.

    SQL Data Generator is most useful when you want to generate test data for new development work where you have no previous data to work from, or a smaller project where you are willing to do your own setup for each table individually.

    Data Masker is more useful when you have an existing system where you are doing ongoing development work and want to provision realistic data based off your current existing data quickly and easily to your development environment, while making it easier to avoid misusing personal data.
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