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Not able to install and activate

We have 7 licenses and I have sent 4 invitations. One user said she has one activated once, another user said he activated it once, but deactivated it after using it, another said she activated it 3 times and one is saying she cannot activate it because the installer complains about not have an available license.

How is this possible? Even if the first user activated it once and another user activated it 3 times, we should still be able to activate it 3 times, right?

What is happening?


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    Hi @ribeiro Thank you for your question!

    There could have been some issues communicating with the Redgate licensing server at some point which has led to this issue, apologise that you're experiencing this.

    If you send an email to support@red-gate.com with your license key for the profiler and a screenshot of the message you're seeing (if available) then a member of our helpful support team will be on hand to help get this fixed ASAP!

    Let me know if there's anything else we can do to help!
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