License Activation for SQL Compare 13 without Internet Access

I need to confirm whether or not I can activate an installation of SQL Compare 13 without Internet Access. We are moving one of our licensed installs to an Amazon EC2 server that does not have Internet Access.

Is there a way to activate the license offline? SQL Backup Pro has an offline license activation.



  • jcricegpjcricegp Posts: 18 Bronze 3

    Thanks, I guess this answers my questions. This is the Activation Web Page that I have used to Manually Activate my SQL Backup Pro Licenses, but I had not used it for the Compare Applications.

    When I attempt to Activate the license on the EC2 instance it requests that I login to my RedGate Account. Since I do not have Internet Access, I am stopped from getting any further with the activation process.

    As I feared, I will need internet access in order to activate my licenses.

    John R.
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    Sorry, I've not come across the log in issue before. I can't imagine it's intended that you cannot activate on machines without internet. Hopefully someone from Redgate can advise.
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  • jcricegpjcricegp Posts: 18 Bronze 3
    Thank you again Alex,

    I have one additional comment to add for any RedGate Tech that may see this post. I installed a version update on my desktop to my Oracle Compare that required me to reactivate my license. I was not able to activate the license even though I was logged into, I did get the manual activate screen and was able to successfully activate the license.

    This says to me that internet access is required to activate licenses, either automatically or manually.

    John R.
  • Hi John

    The link Alex provided is how I activated SQL Compare on a server without internet access. Here are the instructions I received from Redgate:

    1) Open a command prompt or powershell window as administrator
    2) Run cd "c:\program files (x86)\red gate\DLM Automation 2\SC"
    3) Run the following (kindly make sure to run as is and *not* include your serial number) .\SQLCompare.exe /activateSerial:
    4) A dialog box will pop up and prompt you for your serial number - enter your serial number in the text box
    5) Click "Activate"
    6) This will fail and then give you an option to "Activate Manually" --please click this and follow the instructions as usual for manual activation (you'll need to copy and paste the provided request/response text to/from a machine with internet connection)

  • jcricegpjcricegp Posts: 18 Bronze 3

    Thanks for the reply, but we do not use DLM Automation so this will not work for me.

    John R.
  • Sorry, don't get distracted by the file path, this was for SQL Compare. Have you tried this method and it doesn't work?
  • jcricegpjcricegp Posts: 18 Bronze 3

    If you are asking if I ran the "SQLCompare.exe \activateSerial:" from the RedGate SQLComplare directory, Yes that is the command I used. The command did not open a window.

    I also attempted to activate my Oracle Schema Compare using the appropriate executeable. An activate window did open, but it requested that I login using my RedGate Account.

    John R.
  • ChrisJChrisJ Posts: 3 New member
    jcricegp wrote: »
    If you are asking if I ran the "SQLCompare.exe \activateSerial:" from the RedGate SQLComplare directory, Yes that is the command I used. The command did not open a window.

    Check that you have used a forward slash for /activateSerial: and not a backslash as you've typed here.
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