Regarding SQL data generation

I have 2 tables. like:


CCB_ID FixedRate DefaultRate

And another table(destination):


SC_ID CCB_ID DefaultRate

I need to fill this Scheduling table. So I made a relationship between the CCBudget and Scheduling on CCD_ID field. So this will get populated from the CCBudget.CCB_ID. So with respect to that Scheduling.CCB_ID i need to populate the DefaultRate from the CCBudget into Scheduling table.

Can anyone give me suggestion to solve this by using SQL DataGenerator.


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    Hi kiran,

    If I am understanding correctly this should be possible with SQL Data Generator.

    If you connect to your database and make sure only Scheduling is selected for generation. Select the Scheduling table and choose Use existing data source>SQL Table or View and hit Browse.

    You should now select your database again and the CCBudget table.

    You can then select a generator for SC_ID if it is not server assigned and choose the CCB_ID and DefaultRate fields from your table for generation.

    I hope this helps.
    Matthew Flatt
    Redgate Foundry
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