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We are currently licensed with SQL Backup 7 for two servers. The GUI is run from non-production server, which is about to be decommissioned. What is the process to transfer the GUI components to the new server and activate successfully prior to the decommissioning of the old server?

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    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    The SQL Backup GUI does not require license activation, as it is the server components that are licensed. It can be installed on as many machines you wish to install it upon.

    Therefore simply, install the SQL Backup GUI on the new machine. Add the two servers to the GUI and continue to manage them as before. The Activity History, Jobs etc will be imported into the new GUI.

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  • sareisarei Posts: 7 New member
    Thanks for the info. Now all i have to do is find the installation files. :dizzy:


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