How to use the generated column in SQL Statement Generator


I am generating my id column and i want to use this ID column in my SQL STATEMENT generator to populate another column within the sam e table.

Can any one give suggestions on this. its very urgent.


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    I have picked up your support request. Would you be able to send me your table creation SQL so that I can do some testing to see whether SQL Data Generator can do what you want. Please indicate which column you wish to populate with the SQL statement generator.
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    I have 2 tables. like:


    CCB_ID FixedRate DefaultRate

    And another table(destination):


    SC_ID CCB_ID DefaultRate

    I need to fill this Scheduling table. So I made a relationship between the CCBudget and Scheduling on CCD_ID field. So this will get populated from the CCBudget.CCB_ID. So with respect to that Scheduling.CCB_ID i need to populate the DefaultRate from the CCBudget into Scheduling table.
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    The brute force way of doing this is to populate DefaultRate with junk, and then fix it later with a post-generation script.

    You can attach scripts under Edit Projects... Dialog, Scripts Tab.
    David Lovemore
    Red Gate Software
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