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Word Output - Some options please!

kkemeraitkkemerait Posts: 7
edited July 13, 2010 6:14AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
I love your product, very detailed and accurate...however, I there are several things I would like to see fixed in the Word output...

Version: Could we include output for Word 2007 ... so I don't need to convert all my docs?

Options!! - Include Footers Y/N Include Headers Y/N

Please don't insert sections (continuous or new page) in place of simple page breaks ... They are almost impossible to remove in Word (except one at a time) .. search and replace works poorly . It makes it impossible to change the page numbering or to create custom headers.

Please give everything a style name - makes it impossible to adjust after if they don't have one. Tables too :)

A basic SQL code prettier for the stored procs would be nice ... since many clients seem to love to indent when making stored procs ... the printed version becomes almost illegible (small item, i know).

Lastly, I know you like to get some advertising mileage out of the product, but please don't embed RED GATE in the Word meta data. It's just one more thing I need to remove before passing docs on to client.

Other than that - Great Project.


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    I have logged your requests, and we will consider them. I also have some questions and comments.

    2007 Format
    Why is it that you need to convert your docs for 2007. Do they not load automatically?

    The sections are necessary in order to put the object names in the headers. I can see this could be frustrating if you don't want that. My first thought is if we add the option to omit headers, then we can also avoid putting in the section breaks when headers are omitted.

    Would that work for you?

    As far as I can see most styles have a name.

    The table styles I am afraid were not possible to do, although they may be in future. We were limited by what the third party component we use to output the Word document could do.

    Code Prettier
    At the moment the formatting comes from whatever is put into the database. At the moment the only way to do this will be to use a tool like SQL Prompt to format the stored procedures as they are added to the database.

    There is a bug that means that white space has not received a script format, which means that the code receives less indent than it should. Hopefully, we will fix this in the next version.

    Logo and how to remove it
    Thank you for your comment about the logo. The more people complain about it, the more likely it is that we will remove it.

    You can get rid of the logo by editing the cover page. By default it is stored here:

    C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Doc 2\Style1\Word\DefaultCoverPage.doc

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on the product!
    David Lovemore
    Red Gate Software
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    The reason for the Word 2007 format is simple .. I use your tool to do documentation for clients and frequently that is the format they would to receive their docs in....yes I can convert them if i need to .. but it's a mild annoyance ... and I think if you are going to have a conversion tool that creates word files, then you have a responsibility to stay up to date with Microsoft (good luck on that one ).

    Removing sections when you remove headers would be ideal!! Can you implement that one this afternoon please lol. It's the only thing holding me up from purchasing your product. Until that feature appears I am still looking at other vendors. I don't think I'm the only person who would appreciate that feature.

    Thanks for the swift response :)
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    2007 Format
    Why is it that you need to convert your docs for 2007. Do they not load automatically?

    Sure, they do - but the .docx format for Word 2007 is also much smaller than the "binary" DOC format - case in point, my 46 MB *.doc is only about 11 MB in *.docx - would be neat to have the Word2007 Output option in SQL Doc 2.1 ! :-)
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    As to the Word 2007 (.docx) format: I concur, and for the very reason mscheuner cites: smaller (oh, and faster, at least at run time--compile time is trivial). Call it the "Daft Punk" option: Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger.

    M A Reeds, MD PhD

    Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen.
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    I'm testing your product at the moment, which does a good job so far, except fot the word output which is not sufficient.

    I stumbled upon this old thread and wonder if there is a solution for the sections problem by now?!

    Of course I need my documents in a corporate design with own headers and footers. The doc generation is pretty fast (only some clicks) but wasting hours for word tuning is not an option.

    Ideal would be a templating system like in Enterprise Architect. Why not let the user decide how to build the documents and which parts to appear. E.g. Variables in the DefaultCoverPage.doc

    best regards
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    Thanks for the infos.
    Maybe I could get the same too.
    I also frequently have problems with mine.
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