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ReadyRoll Core for VS 2017

AllaireAllaire Posts: 20 Bronze 1

After 1 month of ReadyRoll Pro trial, I cannot return back to Core version. Right now I’m receiving the following message:


I see no option to continue using Core version and I have a feeling it wasn’t envisioned at all. The situation is critical as VS project that contains ReadyRoll is not compilable right now. Whatever I do, including deleting RR, reinstalling, cleaning-up the registry does not help.
Please help to resolve this problem as soon as possible as it is a business-critical issue.


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    AlexYatesAlexYates Posts: 264 Rose Gold 2
    edited January 14, 2018 7:44AM
    Grr, can't delete a comment from mobile. Sorry.
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    AllaireAllaire Posts: 20 Bronze 1
    Thanks for your suggestion Alex! For the time being, I resolved this issue by installing an update for RR, which has extended the trial period for another 28 days. The issue is pretty critical though, as we're going PROD next week and I don't want to have any sorts of problems due to expired trial.
    I don't understand why not to do like Octopus does, where after the trial you can either extend to commercial license or community one.
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    In theory ReadyRoll should automatically revert to core once the trial has expired (after offering the option to buy). Can you confirm that you are using Visual Studio Enterprise 2017, and the specific version (this can be found in the Visual Studio Help->About dialog)? Also, when you see the "Please activate..." message in the screenshot above, can you provide a screenshot of the dialog that is shown if you click "Help->Manage License" in the ReadyRoll tool window.
    Adam Bowden,
    Software Engineer, RedGate Software
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    shiyamshiyam Posts: 1 New member
    edited April 12, 2018 1:02PM
    I had a similar issue and it got fixed when I login with Redgate account.
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