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Reporting differences?

SQL DataCompare ver 13.x
Is there any way to produce a report of differences?
I'm not even sure what that would look like, but my boss asked if it's possible. We regularly produce .html reports of database compares for our developers. Those are very useful. My boss would like something similar for the data/tables in a project. Any ideas?

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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    You can export CSV difference reports from the Tools menu - they're not as decorative as the SQL Compare HTML reports, but they may do the job - or you may be able to process them yourselves into a format you're happy with?

    We experimented with other reporting features in SQL Data Compare but people didn't seem to find them as useful as SQL Compare reports, as there is often a lot more data and it's harder to summarize usefully.
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