Smart Rename on a column crashes SSMS.

I've recently upgraded to the latest version of SQL Source Control and I'm no longer able to rename a column on a table.

Steps to reproduce:
  • Expand target table in Object Explorer
  • Expand the 'Columns' folder icon.
  • Right click on the column that needs renamed.
  • Choose "Smart Rename..."
  • SQL Prompt displays error message (see image below)
  • Fill in details in the 'Describe what you did' section.
  • No matter if I choose 'Send Error Report' or 'Cancel', SSMS crashes.


Please advise.


  • LucLuc Posts: 6 New member
    Any news on this? It's still crashing SSMS for me. It happens on table renames as well.
    • Right click on any table.
    • Choose "Smart Rename..."
    • RedGate shows the error dialog (shown above)
    • SSMS Crashes!

    Please advise.
  • LucLuc Posts: 6 New member
    Is Red-Gate aware of this issue? It's a feature that I used a lot and it's really affected my workflow. This seems like a show-stopper to me, but perhaps nobody else is having this issue. Is anybody else experiencing / reporting this bug?

    Please respond.
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