Deployment from TFS/DLM Automation 2 not recognised

As I understand it, a package built and deployed from DLM Automation 2 should be recognised by DLM Dashboard. Here is my build step configuration:


During the process, the package is synced in TFS and then sent to Octopus Deploy. This results in two deployments. Initially, DLM Dashboard identifies both as drift, when apparently I should be expecting to see both detected as recognised updates. (Happily, after accepting one, it correctly switches the other from drifted to updated.) Here is the state of the dashboard after accepting one manually.


Note that there's no DLM Automation build tag in there (example extracted from Steve's blog post):


The debug log from the TFS build helpfully says this:
2018-01-10T17:22:06.4647474Z DlmDashboardUrl:
2018-01-10T17:22:08.0116143Z ##[debug]Successfully sent package to DLM Dashboard.
2018-01-10T17:22:08.0272600Z Published 'XXX-dev.1.0.9777' to DLM Dashboard at

(This is from a later build, identical to the earlier one but with debug set to true.)

Running SQL Compare manually using the filter used on the dashboard shows the deployed database to be identical to source control, save for tSQLt which I understand is ignored anyway.

I get the feeling that I'm missing something somewhere along the line, such as some other conditions to get Dashboard to recognise the update. Any ideas?


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    edited February 13, 2018 6:14PM
    I've done some more digging on this. When I open up the Raven studio, I can see that the snapshots are registered. The manually-recognised snapshot has a filter listed in the FilterForReshashing field, the DLM Automation-supplied one does not. When I decode and decompress the content of the Value field, I get two SQL Compare snapshots, which show only permissions and tSQLt as differences. When I set the comparison flags to be the same as what is documented in "Changes ignored by default", the two snapshots are shown as identical. I have even explicitly added the tSQLt objects (schema name is tSQLt or schema name ends with Tests) to the filter file, uploaded that to the dashboard, and it still isn't matching the deployed schema to the snapshot from DLM Automation.

    Does anyone know why this could be?
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