Is it possible to compare Microsoft SQL server 2016 databases by using SQL compare

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I am using SQL compare professional edition. When I am trying to compare two data bases from MS sql server 2016 it shows an error that "A duplicate object name has been found. This may occur if the sql server that you are registering is case sensitive but the case sensitive option is not set. we don't have DMV queries available for sqlserver 2008." Why am I getting this error. Is it not possible to compare the 2016 data bases with SQl compare


  • Yes, that error message is confusing in several ways and the message was improved in later releases of v11. SQL Compare v12 connects to SQL Server 2016 successfully, although I'd recommend upgrading to the latest version (currently 13.1) as feature support has incrementally been added since then (e.g. temporal tables).
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    Is there no support for the SQL SERVER 2016 for the SQL compare v8.1?
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    Hi @Bkkumaar

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    I've answered your question in another thread. Please try to create new threads in future instead of asking an unrelated question on another thread's topic if possible. 

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