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Low Physical Memory Alert

Rajnish AwasthiRajnish Awasthi Posts: 14
edited January 15, 2009 5:24PM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
I have one database server which have two processors and 2 GB physical memory,i am confuse here that it showing me low physical memory alert and showing that free memory is 178 MB.

Is really sql server required more physicall memory even free memory is 178 MB?


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    Thanks for your enquiry.

    By default the 'Low Physical Memory' alert will kick in if you have used more than 80% of the total memory. So in your case of a 2GB total memory, once you have less than 400MB free you will get a warning.

    You can configure this warning in Configuration >> Low Physical Memory.

    I hope this is helpful.
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    I'm on a 32bit server, with 32GB of RAM. /PAE is in the boot.ini, AWE is enabled, "Lock Pages in Memory" permission given to SQL's account and and max and min memory set so that SQL will use 30Gb of that 32GB and hang on to it.

    I'm getting a Low Physical Memory error, saying that SQL Server was using 317.9MB, Other Processes Using 25.6GB, and Free Space = 6.1GB.

    The "Other Processes" figure looks wrong.

    I suspect that SQL Response is failing to recognise memory usage correctly in my configuration. Are there any logs etc., that I can supply to help identify this problem?
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