How to troubleshoot "Out of Memory" errors in SSMS + SQL Prompt

ncbarasncbaras Posts: 4 New member
edited January 11, 2018 4:06PM in SQL Prompt
I've recently started seeing a lot of instability with SSMS. I have not proven this , but believe it is due to SQL Prompt, and specifically a couple of databases I'm using that have a couple hundred thousand synonyms each (vendor-created, unfortunately they have to have these objects). Read: this is a database design problem, not SQL Prompt, but I'm hoping to work around it via SQL Prompt settings.

Is there a way to prevent SQL prompt from looking at synonyms at all? I've tried disabling the "Load suggestions for synonyms" checkbox in Options > Connections > Linked servers and synonyms, but that hasn't seemed to help. I'm now explicitly excluding the problem databases from Options > Connections > Databases, but that is obviously not ideal.

Any other suggestions? Anything else I should be considering in my troubleshooting?


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