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How do you handle static data foreign key constraints to non-static data in Invoke-DlmDatabaseSchema

I have static data in about 100 tables in a over normalized database. Some of the static data tables reference in foreign keys to non-static data. When running Invoke-DlmDatabaseSchemaValidation the validation is failing on those foreign keys.

I have attempted to start removing static data, even though that is not really what should be done, and I am running into a cascade of tables being removed. This is eventually lead into confusion about which data is static and which is not. I have thought about removing the constraints but this also is not an ideal solution as this is the database integrity.

Is there any solution currently provided for this use case? I understand it would be nice if the code was fixed and then de-normalize the database but that just is not an option at this time. We would like to use Redgate Source Control but It is not looking like that is possible.
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