Weird Times, how to read them?


I am currently profiling a C# application with the latest version, but the times (both CPU time and Wall-clock time) seem very confusing to me. I also found nothing that would help me in the documentation.

I am comparing two versions of the same application because (obviously) I want to the measure the performance difference. I ran two tests lasting about 25 minutes. For comparison i selected a region that is about 18 minutes long,
as shown in this screenshot: k7b5l9bgawoz.png.When looking at the times in the methods grid the following is shown: 4bsj0zvcpk6g.png
As we can see, Time With children (wall-clock time) in total takes 58999,818 seconds. 58k seconds / 60 are 966 minutes. How can this be as the whole region is just 18 minutes long?
CPU time is shown in the following picture: oxgifec72b8a.png
The one method shown with 2033,469 seconds would still be 33 minutes, which is longer than the selected region (and longer as the whole test was conducted)

So obviously I am missing something (most probably reading it wrong), can you help me?

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