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Delete clones on disconnected agents

Pretty much the same topic as this one: https://forum.red-gate.com/discussion/81430/deleting-clones-on-disconnected-agents

We have ~20 developers running SQL Clone.
Each week we create new images for them to use.
We also have a job (powershell script) that runs daily which removes all images older than 7 days (images without clones).
Each week I have to remind everyone to recreate their clones using the newest images, but very often people forget and keep running on images a couple of weeks old making it impossible to remove the images. This eats up our diskspace where we keep the images pretty fast.

I would like to change my daily job so that it also forcefully removes all clones on images older than for example 10 days.
The next time the agent connects, the clone would be removed locally as well.

I know that I can manually update the DeletedOn column on dbo.Clones but that is a rather nasty workaround and it doesn't remove the local files from the clients making it a bit troublesome to clean up.



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    This makes a lot of sense, and it's definitely something that we'd like to improve. Making it happen unfortunately isn't trivial, so I can't commit to anything specific here, but we'll definitely take your feedback into account in planning our work.
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