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Hello, I tried to use Ignore Indexes option for synchronization. I expect that this option has to keep indexes and keys in the target database unmodified. But Sql Compare drops some indexes and keys in target tables to synchronize columns and doesn't restore them. It seems to be a bug or a very strange behaviour.


  • Hello. Can anyone answer?! Will this situation be fixed in nearest future?
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    I'm sorry that nobody has answered, this is probably because of the holidays. The Red Gate support team waits a bit to see if there will be any peer-to-peer help before answering.

    Researching this, it does appear there is a known problem with indexes being dropped regardless of the ignore indexes setting. This doesn't happen all of the time, but only in certain circumstances -- from what I understand when there is a conflict when an index needs to be dropped in order for other synchronizations to succeed.

    Our internal bug reference for this is SC-2186. I can't specify a fix date, but this has been open for quite some time and it may be attributed to software design rather than a "bug" in the logic.
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