Feature Request: VS 2017 (et al) Add-in needs ability to turn of its "Handle Code Browsing" logic

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I just purchased and installed Reflector Pro yesterday, and I'm considering requesting a refund given how frustrating this is. However, I occasionally need to the 3rd party assembly debugging feature, and for now Reflector is still the only option (that I know of).

Here's the issue: I have other add-ins that I'm VERY happy with that already handle "Go to Definition" and other functionality in VS. The Reflector Add-in is "fighting" for supremacy with my other add-ins though, and now basic functions like "Go to Definition" are pretty broken.

I understand that Reflector probably needs to override those to allow "Go to Definition" to work for pulling up the code for 3rd party assemblies it has decompiled, etc. So, I understand that there are times when I would want to opt-in to let Reflector have the wheel.

I would really like to see a "Handle Code Browsing" checkable menu option added to the Reflector Add-in's drop down menu. When checked, Reflector would do the current behavior. When unchecked, it would not intercept any of the code browsing requests. (Behind the scenes, Reflector would likely continue intercepting all requests and just check this flag as to whether to handle them or not.)

The goal is to allow me, the developer, the driver, to decide where the car goes. It is extremely frustrating when my Add-ins are fighting me.


  • livingagilelivingagile Posts: 5 New member
    By the way, I already have the "GotoDefinition (F12)" option disabled in the current menu. However, there seem to be other "Code Browsing" handlers that are *still* active regardless. If I disable Reflector through the extensions menu, I get the expected behaviors back. However, that is a bit painful...

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    Additionally, I would love to see Reflector add its own "Reflector ->" sub-menu with "Code Browsing" commands added to the code editor. That would allow me to disable the global handlers, but manually invoke them via a right click opt-in any time I want. E.g. I could right-click a 3rd party method and choose "Reflector->Go To Definition", etc., and be sure that I'm looking at the debuggable code.
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    FWIW, I've submitted a refund request as a support ticket. The Add-In was the only reason for my purchase, and it is essentially unusable in its current form. What a shame. The only way I can get work done is to disable the Add-In, which kind of ruins the point of having it in the first place.

    I opted to go straight for the purchase without doing a trial. So that's my fault. I would've noticed these issues immediately if I had done a trial version before purchasing.
  • @livingagile its probably too late for your case now so apologies that this didn't work out for you. I've entered a enhancement request for this though as I agree its something we should be reasonably handling.
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    No worries. I love the product otherwise, and will happily purchase again if I can "hot" enable/disable the navigation features (without having to disable/enable the entire plugin via VS Extensions menu and restarting VS). The menu option that's already there seems like it should cover ALL aspects of the navigation hooks.

  • I can't promise anything, but I agree personally so have taken it to the team. I will update you when we've had a bit more time to discuss it.
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