Snapshot failed: The snapshot failed because it was over 4GB


I'm Getting this error when taking snapshot of 5GB.

using version 8.11


I tried this work around:
To collect less data, when setting up a profiling session, select Make snapshots faster by leaving object values
still same error.
any suggestions.?



  • If it's only the profiler overhead making an application's memory near 4GB, disabling the unmanaged profiling option can also really help reduce the overhead. It will also help to disable 'profile child processes', 'track IDisposable objects', and any unneeded performance counters.

    Failing that, I'm afraid there's no other way around the limit. I've raised an enhancement though to see if it can be looked at, though the 4GB limit was chosen because of performance issues.
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
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