No matching bindings are available, and the type is not self-bindable.

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Greetings. I just recently upgraded to Compare and am now receiving an error message when attempting to connect to our TFS source control. When selecting TFS from the source control system option and then hitting browse to bring up the folder to connect I am receiving the following error message. I am also receiving the same error message now when attempting to connect in Data Compare as well as in Compare v 12.4.

Error activating HelpSystem

No matching bindings are available, and the type is not self-bindable.

Activation path:

1) Request for HelpSystem


1) Ensure that you have defined a binding for HelpSystem.

2) If the binding was defined in a module, ensure that the module has been loaded into the kernel.

3) Ensure you have not accidentally created more than one kernel.

4) If you are using constructor arguments, ensure that the parameter name matches the constructors parameter name.

5) If you are using automatic module loading, ensure the search path and filters are correct.



  • Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with SQL Compare.

    We've managed to reproduce the issue and linked it to a change made to SQL Source Control version 6.0.5. While we work on a fix, could you downgrade to SOC 6.0.4 or earlier and tell us if you still experience the problem?
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