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Deploy from Source without deleting rows from Target

I am using the wizard to promote data from our staging database (source) to our production database (target). I want all of the data from the staging database to be appended to the corresponding tables in the production database. So far, all of my deploy scripts that have been generated contain queries to delete the existing data in the production database (leaving only the staging data in the production database when the deploy is completed). Elsewhere on these forums someone asked how to accomplish this using the command line tool and the recommendation was to use /exclude:Additional and /exclude:Missing parameters. What is wizard equivalent of these command line switches? How can I simply insert or append my staging data to my production database without deleting any of the existing production data?


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    I assume this is a question about SQL Data Compare?

    There should be several checkboxes for each table you want to deploy:

    If you check the boxes in the "source only" columns then Data Compare should deploy the INSERTs only, leaving the DELETEs and UPDATEs out of the deployment.

    Does this do what you want?
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    BHughesBHughes Posts: 7 New member
    Is there a way to specify this before the situation arises?  For example, in the screencap above I am unable to turn off deploy for the UPDATEs since there are none as a result of this particular comparison.  Am I forced to wait until the situation arises before I can deselect it?

    I don't want to deploy deletes to the target for only some of my tables.  If I'm forced to wait until the situation occurs before I can deselect it for each of these tables, then I am delayed in rolling out my automated solution since I have to monitor until all tables have been deselected.
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