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SqlPrompt upgrade to causes Visual Studio 2017 menu to disappear

TomDTomD Posts: 4 New member
I was having issues building SSDT project in Visual Studio 2017 so I upgraded SqlPrompt to because I saw in the release notes that there was a fix for the build issues surrounding SSDT projects. The build works now but I have lost the menu of SqlPrompt.


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    FabiolaBFabiolaB Posts: 54 Silver 3
    Hi @TomD,

    Sorry to hear that you no longer have the SQL Prompt menu.
    In order to reproduce your issue, I would need some info regarding your environment.
    • Can you please let me know the SSDT version you're using?
    • Where should the SQL Prompt menu be situated? In the main menu bar, or is it a sub-menu of the "Tools" menu?
    • How did you upgrade? Was it an exe or was it a vsix ?

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    TomDTomD Posts: 4 New member

    So since this is in the sub-menu of Tools I suppose this can be ignored.
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