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List All Clones

Right now the only way through WebUI to view a list of clones is to go to each image. Would it make sense to have a clone listing view that you could see all clones and their related image? I know I can get this with PowerShell, but do not always have that running. For instance this morning I was verifying everything came back online after patching it would have been nice to be able to load a view that showed all clones and their online status to get a quick look that all is good.


  • Makes sense to me! I'll raise this with the team.

    When you say patching, is that when patching SQL Clone itself and its agents?
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  • We patch the OS monthly. So Windows patches are applied the servers are rebooted. I had a lot of issues in the beginning of SQL Clones release that the order in which things came up caused issues with clones hosted on other servers. This has not been an issue with the latest versions. I patch SQL Clone manually since we have issues with certificate authorizations. Wish there was something you could do about that.
  • $redgateCloneURL = ''
    Connect-SqlClone -ServerUrl $redgateCloneURL
    $imagelist = Get-SqlCloneImage
    $clonelist = Get-SqlClone
    foreach ($name in $imagelist) {
        $clonelist | Where-Object ParentImageId -EQ $name.Id | Select-Object @{Name="Image Name";Expression={$}}, Name, State
    $clonelist = Get-SqlClone

    I put this code together. Do you know how I can return the located on server that the clone is hosted on? I could not figure out how to capture this server name.
  • Would something like this do the job?
    $allSqlServerInstances = Get-SqlCloneSqlServerInstance
    $myClone = Get-SqlClone -Name MyClone
    $myCloneInstance = $allSqlServerInstances | Where-Object Id -Eq $myClone.LocationId
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