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I am not a DBA, so need help with a simple explanation of how I can run DBCC CHECKDB using Redgate SQL Backup Pro. Everything I have read online is too over my head to really understand what needs to happen and how it needs to happen. From what I've gathered, I need to restore the database before I can run DBCC CHECKDB? The product details state that it is included with the software so I am not sure if I am missing something.

Please help, thanks so much!!

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  • SammiSammi Posts: 2 New member
    Thank you both for your answers. If I understand correctly, there is no method of having the program run DBCC CHECKDB prior to the backup is run. We were using Backup Exec before and there was an option to run this prior to running backups. Our DBA told me to ensure I am running this before the backup. What are my options?

    Should I just run DBCC CHECKDB as a separate job prior to the backup job?

    If I follow the steps listed in the instructions above, will I need a separate licensed SQL server?
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