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How do I share my list of enabled Code Analysis rules?

I've analyzed the rules in Code Analysis and disabled a bit less than half of them. How can I share this list with my development team so they can easily import it instead of manually having to disable rules?

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    AlessandroAlpiAlessandroAlpi Posts: 91 Gold 2
    Hi @Jacco,
    the rules are stored in `C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Roaming\SqlCodeGuard30` as a XML file. You can write a PowerShell in order to copy that file in a shared environment (a source control or else a cloud storage, like Google drive/One drive/Dropbox). Then, everyone must copy that file in its `C:\Users\<itsuser>\AppData\Roaming\SqlCodeGuard30` folder.

    I didn't find any "default location" for that XML file. I'd like to change it to set the shared folder, but I couldn't find anything about this setting.

    For the moment, we're getting the XML setting file and copying it on a git repo. Then, every team member executes a PoSh script in order to put the file into its user folder.
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    JaccoJacco Posts: 11 Bronze 1
    Thanks for the answer Alessandro.

    It would definitely be useful to be able to set a path for the file. I see that there is already a suggestion in this direction on UserVoice, so I'll add my vote and comment to that.
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