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Green squigglies with no helptext to explain why

kalokalo Posts: 88 Bronze 5
loving the code analysis but on some procs i'm getting green squiggly lines but with no explanation when i hover over them - i can script an almost identical proc and not get them


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    FabiolaBFabiolaB Posts: 54 Silver 3
    Hi @kalo,

    You are getting the green squiggly lines because "The EOL marker sequence is not the expected CR/LF." (see rule SC006). This is being triggered because windows line endings are not being used in your file.

    Hope this helps,


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    kalokalo Posts: 88 Bronze 5
    Thanks Fabiola.

    Unfortunately it seems to get rid of them I have to use the format-sql option and then undo all the formatting styles that then get imposed on the query (having edited a custom style as close to my liking as possible).
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    lp135lp135 Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    Why should we care if The EOL marker sequence is not the expected CR/LF?  SSMS sometimes complains about this too, but I can't think of any case where it's actually affected how any of my T-SQL code runs.
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    kalokalo Posts: 88 Bronze 5
    It doesn't affect how it runs, it's just an annoyance that distracts from proper issues. Ideally if there are zero issues , there should be zero squiggly lines. Any squiggly lines should be capable of being addressed and then disappearing. 
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    mpalmer78mpalmer78 Posts: 1 New member
    I find this annoying too.

    You can turn this off under the Code Analysis Rules.

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    gnbfilhognbfilho Posts: 5 New member
    If you don't want to disable the verification for the rule (maybe you use it on other works), you can select all the query text (Ctrl+A), copy, past it on Windows notepad, copy and paste it back on SSMS query editor, overwriting the existent text.
    Worked for me.
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