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ReadyRoll build & release

Hello everyone,

I have hard times deploying database changes to Azure SQL Server. I'm using the guidance published by RR here. As said in the guide, I insert "Set Target Database" into the build pipeline and run it. It builds without any issues, but I don't understand where is 'localdb' is located and how the build process can access it (highlighted on the screenshot below):
If this is my local PC - it doesn't make any sence. How in the world VSTS build pipeline would access it? I can't switch this radiobutton to "Use target server" because for some reason I can't use Azure SQL Server for the purpose (seems weird to me). Aside from it I see no "Database deployment preview" information in the build log (don't know why):
Well, anyway, once build succeed, I tried to configure a Release pipeline. Again, as the relevant page states, I should use "ReadyRoll Deploy Database Package". I had some difficultied setting this up because "Package to deploy (.ps1)" is not created in the "drop" directory as expecred:
Documentation is not clear in that regard. It says, .ps1 script file should be generated by the build, but as I mentioned, even though build succeed, the file is not there.
Please help to resolve this issue.


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