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We have purchase SQL Toolbelt License. I have installed all the tools on one of my systems. Now I would like to install and use some of these tools on another system. Specifically, SQL Prompt 9 and SQL Doc, I would like to have on another system. I am told I need to un-register the products from the first system. But I only have the option to remove the one license. That in effect will remove access to all the tools in the toolbelt from first system. Is it possible to have these tools installed on different systems from the bundle? How would I go about doing this, if possible?


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    Hi @qbrt - the SQL Toolbelt user tools (i.e. SQL Prompt, SQL Doc) are per user, meaning that if you are the only person using them then they can be installed and used by you on multiple machines concurrently, and indeed the tools should have come with an extra machine activation by default (i.e a 1 user SQL Toolbelt license comes with 2 activations).

    If you're finished using them on the existing system and just need to move them (or in future if a machine with the tools installed is to be decommissioned) it's easy to do by going into the respective tools and going to Help > Deactivate License Key and then simply reactivating on the new machine.

    If you have any further questions about this though you can get in touch with support@red-gate.com who will be able to help out! Thanks!
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