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[Design] Code Analysis tooltips override SQL Prompt tooltips

Steve_KSteve_K Posts: 1 New member
edited December 12, 2017 1:56PM in SQL Prompt
I'm not sure how to improve this -- I'm not a fan of multiple tooltips at once -- but if you write code which triggers one of the new code analysis rules, the tooltip for Code Analysis blocks SQL Prompt from presenting the tooltips for objects in the code. For example:
EXEC ThisDB.dbo.Procedure
shows the SQL Prompt tooltip, with the link you can click to get the procedure script, etc. But
EXEC SomeOtherDB.dbo.Procedure
Will trigger the Code Analysis tooltip "Reference to procedure in other database" and the SQL Prompt tooltip will not show.

Perhaps SQL Prompt could integrate the Code Analysis results into its tooltip, or vice versa, so you still get the Code Analysis result but you could also get the object information?

(Also Forum Note -- There's no Code Analysis tag and no apparent way to add one.)


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