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Some feature suggestions

DaiPlusPlusDaiPlusPlus Posts: 4 New member
edited December 10, 2017 5:21AM in .NET Reflector Previous Versions
  • Main toolbar: Please add a History menu to the Back and Forward buttons so I can jump directly to items in my view history - similar to web-browser's history buttons (right-click on the Back and Foward buttons in Chrome to see what I mean, though I prefer Split-buttons instead of hidden right-click menus)
  • Analyzer pane: Add an "Overridden by" and "Implemented by" list for virtual methods and interface members, as right now it's impossible to jump to an implementation or override in a derived class, instead you need to find the derived type first then see if it's implemented/overridden or not - if you don't know which derived type it was you're stuck with checking them manually.
  • Main toolbar: Please remember my menubar + toolbar layout preferences when closing/saving the window. To save space I combine the menubar and toolbar on the same line, I don't like having to rearrange them every time. Also please consider making this single-line layout the default too as having two bars doesn't make much sense given the amount of unused space.
  • Object browser: Currently it's impossible to get to the Default Assembly List dialog (that shows detected+installed versions of .NET) after a first-run or after manually emptying the Assembly list. There needs to be a feature where you can automatically clear+reset the assembly list without needing to manually clear the assembly list first. Ideally this would be part of the existing "Import/Export assembly list" feature - I don't know why it feels like it's implemented twice.
  • UI: Update the icons to the VS2013-VS2017 or Windows 10 style. The Windows XP look and feel hasn't been relevant for 10 years now since Vista came out.
  • UI: Please remove the 1px black border around the Object Explorer - it just doesn't look right.
  • Analyzer and Search: I'd like it if I could exclude results from the .NET Framework libraries so it only shows results in non-Framework assemblies, perhaps add an option on Assemblies' context menus to "Exclude this assembly from search / analyzer" and add a reset button in the Search window?
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