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Data Masker: Pricing and automation questions

1- What it the individual price of the tool?

2- Is it available as part of the SQL Toolbelt? Because it's not mentioned on the website.

3- Is it possible to execute Data Masker silently from the command prompt? So the tool can be incorporate to an automated process already in place.

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    Gerry_Leith2611Gerry_Leith2611 Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    Hi there!

    You asked whether Data Masker can be executed from the Command Prompt and the answer is "Yes, it can". Development of your masking rules creates a "Masking Set" which can be called as, effectively, a parameter to the execution of the program. You can use database connection replacement values, too, so you can be flexible about which database you connect to. You'll find more at http://www.datamasker.com/DMS/HelpFiles/dms_ComandLineArguments.htm

    As far as pricing is concerned I'll pass your contact details along to one of my colleagues who will contact you directly with answers.

    All the best


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