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Is anyone getting inconsistent results?

I have SQL Search on my desktop and on my server. If I search for a procedure thru SSMS on the server, I get the correct results. When I search on my desktop, which is connected to the same database thru SSMS, I get different and incorrect results. I have used this software for many years and this just started in the last few days.



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    Can you supply any additional information? I'm running the latest version and I can't replicate the bad results you're experiencing. Sorry.
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    ccchildersccchilders Posts: 8 New member
    edited December 11, 2017 2:06PM
    As I explained, I am running SQL Server 2008R2 on a windows server running 2008 R2 Enterprise. When I use SQL Search on the actual server, it is correct. But when I go from my desktop, which is Windows 10, using SSMS and connecting to the server, I don't see everything. I even get some items which don't match the criteria I entered. sphhoaq84dlj.png

    I attached an image. The screen on the left is on my windows 10 box, and is incorrect. It has items which don't meet the criteria and don't have anything highlighted in the code. The screen on the right is correct. It is from the actual server I remoted into. That is the only difference I have found. I have used this product for years. Nothing has changed on our machines recently.
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    Best suggestion I can make at the moment is to verify that both versions of SQL Search are the same. It doesn't explain the exact behavior, but it could explain the differences.
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    ccchildersccchilders Posts: 8 New member
    The version in error is, which I updated to last week. The version which works is I downloaded the newest today, and it looks better. Something must have been fixed.
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