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Certain tables will not allow me to add new columns to key

We have a pretty big project saved, but it does require some adjustment now and then. Recently, I've discovered that any new columns I add to the comparison key are removed from the key as soon as I refresh the Tables or run the compare. Furthermore, if a current column in the key is removed, it cannot be added back in. I can add and remove columns to be compared just fine, but not to the comparison key.

Other tables within this project allow me to add columns and works. If I start a new project from scratch, I can add these columns to the Key and it works as expected, I just don't want to rebuild the entire rest of the project. What can I do to fix this?


  • In principle the "restore defaults" button on the Select Comparison Key dialog ought to reset just that table, although to be honest it sounds like the mappings section in your project has got into a corrupted state. If you're able to send us a simple example (a few tables) demonstrating this problem it would be really helpful!
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  • Jacob_KJacob_K Posts: 2 New member
    Hi, sorry I was so slow to get back to you. Thanks for the quick response, I was afraid it was some sort of corrupted save file. Unfortunately I can't send you any tables as it contains protected information.
  • Hi Jacob,

    The project file is contains XML - if you open it in a text editor you might be able to figure out which tag is for the table you are having problems with, and copy the value from your non-broken project. However, it will be tricky for us to walk you through this if you if you can't send us your schema.
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