Use backup file on remote server


can someone tell me what the minimum permissions are that need to be applied to the share where the backup files are stored to perform a SQL Compare?
Will the connection to the share be made using the security context of the connected domain user account ?



  • The simple answer is that if you can browse to the share in Windows Explorer, it'll probably be readable in SQL Compare.

    SQL Compare runs as an ordinary process which reads a file, with directory listing permissions also needed in order to browse for the file when configuring your data sources. You can't deploy changes to a backup, so write access is not needed.

    The reason some people have trouble reading backups on network shares is that most DBAs use SSMS which works differently. SSMS never directly reads the backup, but instead accesses it via your SQL Server instance. Network shares for backups are sometimes only made readable for the SQL Server instance's account and not for the DBAs' user accounts, in which case you won't be able to read the backup yourself, using Windows Explorer or SQL Compare.
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