Tweak Log Copies for better copy speeds

q_sacq_sac Posts: 2 New member
Is there a way to tweak the speed of log copies to a log shipping destination?

I have an instance with 200 databases. When there is a lot of change and large log files, the pending queue gets large. And sometimes the log copy never catches up.

I know I am limited by latency between locations but was curious if there was anything I can do to tweak the way copies happen.

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  • Hi q_Sac,

    The only real change you can make is to add the USESIMPLECOPY after the job is created. This will copy the file as part of the backup job and not use the log copy que. However the downside here is if the copy fails the whole job fails. It Would be advisable to split up the 200 DBS into smaller jobs with this approach.
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    Dan Bainbridge
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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